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Microscopic robots get their game on at RoboCup

Darren Murph

Sure, witnessing the robotic incarnation of Ronaldo totally school his opponent and whip a game winner into the back corner of the net is quite impressive, but watching a nanoscale iteration attempt to do the same demands a slightly smaller (figuratively speaking, of course) level of respect for the creators. A total of five teams from North America and Switzerland built microscopic competitors that were around "six times smaller than an amoeba and weighed no more than a few hundred nanograms." The wee devices showed their stuff in the oh-so-fascinating Nano Cup soccer match, which had to be projected onto a screen in order for anyone to actually take a look at the action. Notably, several teams made mention of these diminutive creatures eventually ending up in various locales within the body, but we're sure the hardcore athletes were more focused on the final score than any future endeavours in the medical realm.

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