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EU price cut on the horizon? Big SCEE announcement on Thursday

Jem Alexander
Save has received word directly from SCEE that they will have a large announcement to give at E3 this week. While seemingly keeping as tight lipped as possible, SCEE stated that it would be related to the just-announced price drop and introduction of the 80GB system in the US.

The announcement will occur on Thursday and so won't be part of the Sony keynote. We'll keep our ever-vigilant eyes open to make sure we get you the news as it breaks. A price drop in Europe would be very interesting, considering how well the system has been received already. In the UK most stores sell at around £400 (£25 off RRP), including bundle deals, so a further drop would have a large effect on those who are still straddling the fence. Even if they just want a decent priced Blu-Ray player.

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