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TimeShift E3 gameplay footage in timely fashion

Kevin Kelly

UPDATE: An enterprising Joystiq reader has found the same footage on YouTube, so until we get a higher quality version to share, here ya go! Thanks Canadianmaniak!

We're not sure how many jokes about time we could drop into this post, but if we did they'd provide you with laugh-a-minute yuks and howls. If only we had enough time in the day to get to stuff like that, but you know what they say ... time is money and it also waits for no man, or woman.

Anyhow, check out the sweetness that is the new TimeShift E3 trailer. We've already seen a cinematic trailer, read details about the time control in the game, and finally you can see how it all works in actual gameplay. Sure, Slow and Reverse are nothing new ... but give us that Stop ability anytime. Especially later this week when we're in the midst of the E3 feeding frenzy.

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