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Taser's Shockwave 6-shooter makes Harry Callahan look like a princess


One of the bennies of working for the military industrial complex are the fat contracts paid to creatively kill, maim or otherwise incapacitate the evil-doers du jour. Here to answer the age-old question, "what if you could drop everyone in a given area to the ground at the push of a button?" comes the Taser Shockwave. The first (gulp) generation of Taser remote area denial systems consists of a Taser 6-shooter module covering a 20-degree arc at 25-feet. Best of all, they can be daisy-chained into an apparently endless array of hot neuro muscular incapacitation action. The Shockwave system will be released for pilot later this year with plans for field release sometime in 2008. Check the video link below for some of that sweet muscle convulsing fun.

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