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QKphone 911 sports deafening ringtone speakers

Darren Murph

If you think a 7.1 surround system on the rear of a smartphone is hot stuff, we've found a Taiwanese device that simply puts it to shame. Not much is known about the relatively stylish QKphone 911, but it does appear to sport Bluetooth, a touchscreen QVGA display, some form of "Windows Mobile," a built-in media player, and a piercing array of speakers (count 'em, five) on the rear. Of course, we're sure you're most interested in actually hearing what this bad boy can do, and while YouTube clips don't exactly replicate its power per se, it's certainly better than leaving it to your imagination, right? You know the drill, click on for the videoed demonstrations, but check those volume knobs beforehand!

[Via Technabob]

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