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Discover the Secret Field Test iPhone Mode

TUAW reader Randall Bennett sent us a link to this write-up he did about the iPhone's secret field test mode. To enter this mode, you must dial *3001#12345#*, that is star-3001-pound-12345-pound-star and tap Call. Your iPhone places you into the field mode shown here. You can even do this while on another call. Bennett says you just hit "add call", enter the code and tap Call--although I didn't try this multi-way calling out.

So what information is available in field test mode? Quite a lot, as it turns out: network info, cell info, GPRS (primarily used for GSM digital cellular technology, hmmm!), PDP (packet data protocol, presumably), call information (handy if actually taking a call), and Versions--which amusingly has a misspelled Firmware ("Firware") version unless that's some technical term that I'm simply misunderstanding. Anyway, tap on Refresh to update the info or tap Home to return to your normal iPhone interface. Update: You can't store this sequence as a contact; sorry, it just doesn't work. You have to enter it by hand each time.

[Via MacOSXHints]

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