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Europe to get "PS3 Starter Pack"; SCEE announcement still to come

Jem Alexander
Save is reporting that they have received news of a new bundle for the European region. The "PlayStation Starter Pack" will allegedly contain a 60GB PS3, Resistance: Fall of Man, Motorstorm and two controllers for the "no-changes-there" price of €600. Those hoping for a price drop may be disappointed. Technically. Though if you think about it, you're essentially getting the 60GB and controller for €430, after deducting the price of the games and extra controllers.

Sounds like an ok deal to us, though it doesn't help the people who just can't afford that sort of money. It might push a few fencesitters over the edge, though. We'll keep you updated with SCEE's planned announcements as and when they happen. Price information aside, we're hoping for some juicy PSN news. We've heard rumblings.

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