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HBO comedies renewed, still no mention of HD

Ben Drawbaugh

HBO HD is one of the oldest HD channels; it goes back further than most HD viewers -- including even some of us. But despite getting into the game early, just like CBS they seem to be dragging their feet now. Sure they're going HD with 26 of their channels in the next year or so, but much of their original programming is still in SD. It's mostly comedies that don't get the HD treatment, but also great shows like Inside the NFL. We're sure they have plenty of excuses, but we're not hearing 'em. It doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon either; Multichannel news is reporting that Real Time with Bill Maher just got renewed and a few HBO comedies like Curb Your Enthusiasm are right around the corner, but there isn't a single mention of HD. So come on HBO, it's past time for 24x7 HD, and while you're at it, stop cropping those movies.

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