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Show and Tell: In Dreamland, cake eats you!


Okay, we admit it. We're cheating a little. Instead of letting someone come to us with their nifty gaming goodness, we saw something that was simply so awesome we had to ask if we could share it with you ... and luckily, NeoGAFfer cloudwalking had no problem with us showing off this incredible cake. Hey, if it was ours, we'd want to show the world as well!

Birthday girl cloudwalking's good pal jarosh had this Kirby cake made, but the fun didn't stop there. As he was slowly dismembered devoured, the pair had fun changing his features around, as you can see in the gallery ... though the reddish filling on the knife is a little disturbing. Poor Kirby! We're not sure we could have made ourselves eat the little guy. Then again, it could be revenge for the times we've been inhaled in various Smash Bros. matches.

Can you top a nummy Kirby cake? If so -- or if you have anything else you want to show off -- you too can be in this spot, with everyone cooing over your awesome stuff. Just take some pictures and send them to showmeit at dsfanboy dot com. We'll take care of the rest.


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