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Breakfast Topic: W... w.... warlocks?

David Bowers

I'm shivering in my boots as I type this post. I quiver in fear at the very mention of warlocks. My knees are shaking, my nose is dribbling, and my eyes are getting teary at the mere thought of seeing a warlock today, walking around with one of those spooky infernals or... *gulp*... succubi.

Okay not really. But you've got to admit, with sooo many people complaining about how overpowered warlocks are, that's got to amount to a lot of fear! But fortunately for warlocks, fear is what they're all about. Warlocks seem to just soak it up when people cringe at the sight of them or complain about how overpowered they are.

Still, there are plenty of chances to complain in other places. If you'd like to complain about warlocks today, by all means start a warlock of your own so that you can really get the inside scoop on what exactly should be changed! But today, which is Warlock Day, in our very last breakfast topic about class encouragement, let's not complain -- let's tell all those warlocks out there: whether you are a warlock, play with one, or fight against them in PvP, what is it you love and fear about them?

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