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Seen@E3: DeLorean sans Doc Brown


While waiting in line for Microsoft's appointments yesterday morning, we were witness to any valet's dream: a DeLorean pulling into the drive. No doubt someone was attempting to travel back in time to avert the massive damage the Viceroy Hotel received earlier at the hands (wheels?) of a vicious truck. Unfortunately, it seems as though the scheme failed: the damage remains.

In all seriousness, the car belongs to Ryan McCaffrey of OXM, who was understandably irked by the ensuing Back to the Future jokes. Before the valet could make off with the car (at which point he would no doubt attempt to reach 88 miles per hour "just to see what happens") we snapped off a shot of the interior. Check it out after the break.

Great Scott! Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to blog E3 2017. We can't wait to find out if the Phantom can maintain its lead over the Atari 48000 and the DS Lite (which is still number one in Japan).

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