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Joystiq impressions: Everyday Shooter (PSN)


Ever since Geometry Wars, the dual-analog shooter has seen a renaissance. On PS3 alone, there are more than a few shooters available to choose from: Blast Factor, Super Stardust HD, and Nucleus. So why should we get so excited about Everyday Shooter? It's because the game is engrossing -- famed designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi would be jealous by the incredible fusion of music, graphics and gameplay found in this effort from indie developer Jon Mak.

Each level in Everyday Shooter has its own look, sound and feel. The abstract graphics of each level look nothing short of stunning on the PS3. Every enemy that gets destroyed adds a little guitar riff to the background, allowing players to create their own aural masterpieces. The gameplay is easy to understand: simply use the two analog sticks to move the ship and fire an endless supply of bullets. The key to successful play comes in managing bombs: aim for them on the screen, and when hit, they'll send massive shockwaves that are crucial in creating combos.

The musical journeys found in Everyday Shooter are varied, and some will end in boss battles that require even further thought. Along the way, players will be able to collect points, which can be used towards the incredible variety of unlockables. Players can buy extra credits, or buy new filters that will drastically alter the way the game looks. One filter will make everything look like paint, while another will bestow the game with a dynamically sketched look. Like fl0w before it, Everyday Shooter creates a holistic experience that must be seen and played to be understood.

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