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Rumor: Warhawk already adding vehicles, weapons?

Nick Doerr

These are all just rumors, but for those of you lucky enough to play the Warhawk beta, this should be good news for you and even better news for those of us who were already excited to get our online battles on. The site posting these rumors is getting a ton of hate, but we're giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that there are, in fact, changes happening between the beta and final release. Whether the changes are those mentioned below or not, we can't say for sure.
  • Huge graphical update
  • Expanded matches -- 32 vs 32 rather than 32 max players
  • Plenty of downloadable content upon launch in addition to bare-bones game
  • Six new weapons
  • Four new vehicles
Hmm, something smells fishy. It's like they took one piece of news that was probably true (graphical update), then spiced it up with other bits of news that would be rather unbelievable. Following the recent IGN interview, it seems that may be the case. In all, though, rumors are rumors, so we'll go ahead and keep them filed next to our lollipop notebook and chocolate hologram disc full of skittles. We love candy.
[Thanks, Joe!]

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