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Treo 700w, 700wx get upgraded features via update

Brian White

We like unofficial Treo 700w updates just like anyone, but it brings bigger smiles to our faces when official updates come down the beaten path via manufacturer downloads.That's right -- Palm has released an update to the Verizon Wireless 700w that includes some nifty additions. WM5 gets upgraded to version 1.22 as well as new support for DUN tethering over USB and Bluetooth. Laptop tetherers will feast on that one. Anyhoo, official A2DP stereo Bluetooth is in there too, as well as single-touch speakerphone and mute buttons sitting right on the home screen. Usability enhancements get us giddy, and this update from Palm serves it up nicely. Sadly, the 700wx upgrade for Sprint customers also available just gets A2DP and DUN support over Bluetooth but nothing else of real substance. Pity.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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