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Nearly 25% of iPhone buyers are AT&T newcomers

Darren Murph

We'll admit, we aren't shocked by the fact that nearly one-quarter of those who have purchased Apple's iPhone thus far are brand new to AT&T, and honestly, we're a tad miffed that the figure isn't a bit higher. Of course, those pesky (not to mention pricey) early termination charges are the likely reason that some 75-percent of iPhone buyers had already hitched their wagon to AT&T before, but a recent study carried out by American Technology Research noted that "a fair amount of customers were willing to pay high early cancellation fees to get out of their existing service contracts for an iPhone." Interestingly, the last mobile to command such a substantial amount of ship-jumping was Motorola's legendary RAZR, and we all know how well that turned out. Still, only time will tell if Apple has a similar hit on its hands, but judging by early reports, things aren't looking too bad at all for Cupertino.

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