Motorola sells 50 millionth RAZR

It's hard for any phone to out-do the legendary StarTac, but Motorola's posterchild -- you know which one we're talking about -- has officially sold 50 million units. Since the Hong Kong debut way back in 2004, the RAZR has dominated the mobile scene, and with a figure like that, you have to give props to the ingenious engineering, er, marketing team behind it. The handset really hasn't changed much over the years, and its lamentable success is due in large part to buyers' infatuation with colors; the ability jump-start sales by varying the paint job gave Motorola a bonafide cash cow, enabling everyone and their mother (literally) to jump on the ultimate mobile bandwagon. And with the possibility of more colors on the horizon, the question beckons: when will the madness end? While the 50 million unit milestone is commendable, we're not shy about spending our time looking towards the future.

[Via Mobiledia]