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iPhones bedevil Duke

Mat Lu

Well apparently things aren't so rosy with iPhones at Duke University. Their IT managers are reporting that iPhones are actually causing many of their wireless access points to shut down for 10-15 minutes each. Because of some sort of misconfiguration involving the Address Resolution Protocol the iPhones "flood the access points with up to 18,000 address requests per second, nearly 10Mbps of bandwidth, and [monopolize] the AP's airtime."

The article notes that all of this is being caused by only ~150 iPhones, and the IT folks are worried about what's going to happen when the school year starts and hundreds, if not thousands more, show up on the campus network. Apparently the Duke folks are convinced the problem is not with their Cisco equipment and have been in contact with Apple, but they have not gotten much of a response. If this is in fact a problem with the iPhone's design we should expect to see more of this kind of thing on large wifi networks. Have any of you noticed any kind of problems like this on campus or at work?

[via MacVolPlace]

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