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Peter Moore to get $1.5 million bonus, $550,000 salary

Justin McElroy

An SEC filing has revealed that EA dropped a $1.5 million bonus on Peter Moore to help lure him into heading up their sports division. The Tattooed One got the check in recognition for the money he'd be missing out on by leaving Microsoft, though he'll have to give it all back if he leaves EA in the next two years. This is in addition to a more than half-million dollar annual salary.

You know what? Worth every penny. The kind of guy who'd take ink for your company is someone you want working for you, though it's sure to make the EA locker room even more awkward than when John Madden stumbles in and starts smacking tushes. Boy, $1.5 million had to have made Pete's decision a bit easier for him. Sure, we honestly do believe that Peter Moore is moving from Microsoft to EA to spend more time with his family, but we also think it'll be great to relax with the fam while Scrooge-McDuck-diving into a giant vat of gold coins.

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