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Watch Activision alienate E3 audience with Jamie Kennedy


If you have somehow missed the tragedy of the Activision press conference, GameTrailers has been kind enough to give us a "lowlight reel" featuring Jamie Kennedy (Scream and WB stuff), who was supposed to emcee the event. We wonder if Acclaim actually deserves the guerrilla marketing award after watching this. We have no idea if Activision intended to be this insulting when they hired Kennedy, but they sure accomplished that feat in a room full of press. For the rest of the Joystiq crew off covering various events during E3, we had no idea how bad Activision's press conference was.

Apparently the press conference was so bad that our own blogger who covered the event M.I.B. flashy-thinged himself to forget the horror and won't even watch this video. After you watch it, you'll probably understand why. Remember, this is a press conference ... full of press. We're still waiting for video on the Disney press conference, which was apparently worse -- but for different reasons. Descriptions of the Disney event are mostly profanity laced and we'd prefer not to write up quotes where every third word needs to be edited.

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