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Toshiba Portege R500 3G upgrade gets FCC approval


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The Toshiba Portege R500, a 12.1-inch ultraportable that we've been telling you about has just gotten a new 3G add-on cleared for takeoff by our favorite government agency, the FCC. The Core 2 Duo-driven laptop, which just hit the market, has been given the a-ok on an HSDPA module, potentially making this a big deal for people who are in dire need of connectivity options (jet-setting suits, we're looking at you). In case you've forgotten, the ultralight, ultrathin laptop starts at a weight of 1.72 lbs, can utilize a 32GB or 64GB SSD drive, and also has 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth. The "world's thinnest" laptop is on sale right now starting at $1,999, but no word on when the 3G is coming, or how much it will cost.

[Via PC Joint, thanks Stasys]

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