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Mii Spotlight: Pottermania edition


You know we couldn't let the release of the final Harry Potter book slip by without some sort of nod in its general direction! Not only did we warn you, but we've indicated in the past that a few of us tend to be Potter fans around here. If you're not, please, bear with us, and we'll try to be a little less specific next week. But if you are, please join us in this presentation of Potter-themed Miis!

For those who, like us, have been avoiding anything about the series on the internet, we assure you, these Miis are limited to characters from earlier books -- so breathe a sigh of relief. We're safe.

No parade of Potter Miis would be worth the time it took to read the post without the hero himself. We've seen several versions of Potter, with and without scars (which are somewhat tricky to pull off in the Mii creator), but this one sent in by reader Sean made us laugh so hard that we couldn't resist sharing! Guess no one can say it's inaccurate, eh? In fact, we feel quite safe in saying it's probably the most accurate Mii we'll ever post. Good going, Sean -- a little well-placed smartassery can never really be a bad thing, especially if it makes us laugh. And after some of the trouble we had with creating Ron and Hermione Miis, we were sorely tempted by your system ....

Luckily, however, Flickr user tiisaineko happened to have a nice set of Potter and his main pals, with Severus Snape hovering about, as he is often wont to do:

We really like the combination of the yellow tops with red pants to represent the Gryffindor colors here. Nice touch!

Of course, we had to try our hand at a Potter Mii -- yes, a real one, not a joking fake -- and he seems to have turned out okay:

Poor Harry. All of the scarred Potter Miis we've seen around the internet sacrifice eyebrows to make his scar. Oh well, who needs eyebrows anyway? Harry doesn't look too happy here, but really, can you blame him? He's had it rough.

Some of the other characters seemed a bit easier to deal with than Harry's pals. As we've talked about before, people with really distinctive features make for easier Mii creation, so of course, we had to try our hands at a couple of really offbeat Potter characters: Dolores Umbridge and Sybill Trelawney.

While we would have liked to have given Professor Trelawney more disheveled hair, she seemed to turn out alright, and making her eyes and glasses bigger was pretty entertaining. We decided to give her a permanent shocked/gasping mouth, as well, as though her Inner Eye has just seen something horrible ... like another prediction of Harry's early death, of course.

For Umbridge, we decided to go with the more horrible book version. While Imelda Staunton does a wonderful job in the film, the book version of the very awful Umbridge just looks much worse. We used this picture as a model, though because she's probably one of our least favorite characters, we gave her a more piggish nose out of sheer spite:

It was tempting to go in and slap on a bow with Photoshop, but we decided to leave her as it. We like spending as little time with Umbridge as possible. Nasty woman.

Some of our other efforts, like the Malfoys, weren't quite as effective, but we'll share them anyway:

Guess the arrogant pureblood look is a little more difficult to capture in Mii form. Oh well, at least no one can say that we didn't try! Father and son are both dressed in black, of course. We're sure they wouldn't have it any other way.

Finally, we wanted to wrap things up with a very clever Mii we found on a Voldemort Mii made by user BBQ Iggy. Voldemort's pretty popular -- seems to be one of the most-made Miis after Harry himself -- but while he's easy to capture in feeling he's more difficult to render realisticially, what with the weird-eye thing he's got going on. BBQ Iggy got creative, and though the picture quality isn't the best, the effect really deserves some kudos.

That's it for this week! Remember to send us your best and brightest Miis and we'll feature them right here in the Mii Spotlight. Just snap some pics (or use one of the Flash-based Mii creators; we're not picky) and send them to us at mii [at] nintendowiifanboy [dot] com. We're always taking submissions!

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