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Kaz Hirai hints at future SIXAXIS iterations

Darren Murph

Don't look now, but here we have yet another crop of details on Sony's (still) forthcoming rumbling SIXAXIS. In a recent interview with Kaz Hirai, he mentioned that Sony is currently looking at "a variety of other things [besides rumble] that it can incorporate with the controller," and while he wasn't giving out specifics, he did say that we could look forward to any enticing announcements in due time. He also declared that the controller itself was an "evolving peripheral," and piqued our interest even more by suggesting that the existing model would not be "the final model for a PS3 controller." If nothing else, we're utterly relieved to know that conjuring up a controller for the PlayStation 4 will be a piece of cake -- getting a first-party rumbling version for the PS3, however, still seems to be an issue.

[Via Joystiq]

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