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Widget Watch: Dashalytics 3.0

David Chartier

Google's Analytics service is a great (and free) tool for anyone who wants to track website visitor statistics. How many visits, who and where they're coming from, what OS and browser they're using, how long they stay - nearly the whole enchilada. To view your statistics in a place other than Google's site, Dashalytics from Rob Scriva is truly your best choice. With access to what seems to be all the stats Analytics has to offer, Dashalytics wraps everything up in a gorgeous UI that has received a wonderful update for this new v3 release. While the changelog states there are simply too many changes to list, I notice the widget itself feels snappier, especially when switching between viewing stats from multiple sites under the same Google Analytics account (i.e. - yes, you can view all sites registered on your account). Dashalytics is also smart in that it stores your login credentials in Keychain, making it easy to use multiple instances to track sites under multiple Google Analytics accounts.

Provided as donationware, Dashalytics is a truly great choice for staying on top of what your visitors are up to. I highly recommend you drop Mr. Scriva a few bucks for his good work.

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