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PS3 firmware v1.90 adds (forced) 1080p24, expands AVCHD support


The PlayStation 3's latest firmware update is out in Japan, adding an option to force 1080p/24 Blu-ray/DVD playback to the console, among other features. Continuing the steady flow of updates for the PS3, v1.90 also adds playback for AVCHD files from Memory Stick or digital camera, upscaling for audio CD output over HDMI or optical output, the ability to change XMB wallpaper, adjust video output settings for PSOne and PS2 game while in game and an "eject disc" option on the XMB. The official PlayStation Blog says the update is "coming soon" to the U.S. so keep that 24fps-compatible HDTV ready for judder-free movie playback.

Update: Added in this update is the ability to "force" 24fps output, which should fix compatibility issues with certain displays. (Thanks Mp3)

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