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Sony says they're giving Epic more PS3 support


For those who haven't caught on yet, there seem to be some issues with the Unreal Engine 3 and the PS3, resulting in delays for some games and cancellations postponements for others. Sony's Phil Harrison says in a Game Informer interview they didn't do enough initially to support Epic in making the UE3 -- which runs the timed exclusive Unreal Tournament 3 -- run properly with the PlayStation 3. He says Epic "isn't a huge company" and that they've "parachuted in some our [their] SWAT team of super engineers to help them." Harrison says this will increase the performance of the engine on the PS3 and gamers will take notice.

Although not a red flag for casual observers, when Sony announced during their press conference that they would be putting more support behind the Unreal Engine 3, it showed a passive acknowledgment of an issue. What that issue is -- well, that's up to the lawyers to decide at this point. The lawsuit by Silicon Knights against Epic showed that the UE3 problems weren't just PS3 based, but Xbox developers are having similar issues too. Microsoft currently has "no comment" on the situation. The UE3 problem issue is something nobody wants to talk about, but could be one deep rabbit hole.


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