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Fujitsu intros new line of non-stop hard drives


While Western Digital and others are busy making power-saving hard drives with various start and stop measures these days, Fujitsu seems to going in a different direction entirely, today announcing a new line of drives designed for 24-hour continuous operation. Intended primarly for use in ATMs, POS systems, medical equipment, and other industrial applications the new MHY2 BS series of 2.5-inch drives boasts capacities up to 200GB, along with a 5,400 rpm disk speed and a SATA interface. While those won't be available until the end of August, Fujitsu has two other non-stop drive series available now, including the 7,200 rpm MHW2 BK Series, and the MHW2 AC Series, which is able to withstand extremely high and low temperatures.

[Via Akihabara News]

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