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Keep it Twisted and win a trip to Xbox HQ

Dustin Burg

Today, Tropicana Twisters and Xbox 360 have partnered up and have kicked off a promotion offering entrants the chance to visit Xbox headquarters. Starting today through February, select bottles of Tropicana Twister will include special game codes that you can enter online for a chance to win a trip to Seattle to visit Microsoft's Xbox headquarters, an Xbox 360 VIP prize bundle, video games, faceplates or Microsoft points. It's a win-win for everyone! And if you're against drinking Twister then we advise jumping over to the KeepingItTwisted website, registering, and getting a free entry code. You can request a free entry code every day and even if you don't win you'll be treated to a free 48-hour Xbox Live trial code. So, start drinking your Twister and keep hope alive that by February you'll be one of those winners who'll be walking into Xbox headquarters, making demands, and acting like a man-diva.

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