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Undercover: Dual Motives returns after being pushed back


We'd forgotten all about Undercover: Dual Motives, the prequel to PC game Undercover: Operation Wintersun, because we haven't seen anything on it in so long. But how could we forget these gorgeous visuals? Sure, they'll probably be as static and stationary as the mounted moose head on Uncle Jim Bob's wall, but that doesn't make the game any less attractive. DS-X2 has a passel of new (and old) screens for your perusal if you need to re-whet the old appetite. And why would you need to? Because it seems the game, which was originally slated for March, will hit shelves next month.

And you know we're all about adventure games. There's just something about all that pointing and clicking that makes us happy down to the very tips of our toes.

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