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XM CEO Hugh Panero steps down


Word just hit the street that XM CEO Hugh Panero will be leaving the satellite radio provider in August, and the current president and COO, Nate Davis will be taking his place. This isn't exactly surprising news if you take a look at the recent business the company has been doing. First there's the XM / Sirius merger, of course, which has taken longer to complete than any other in FCC history, then there's the outages, subscriber backlash over programming, patent lawsuits, copyright lawsuits, and of course, the much-loved CEO name-calling. Really, who could blame the man from wanting to get away from the inevitable spit-roast someone was about to make of him? Of course, we've had our eye on Panero for some time now, and it seems possible that a change of leadership may be just what the satellite kingpin needs right now.

[Via Orbitcast]

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