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GameTap Thursday: Super Street Fighter II Turbo at last

Jared Rea

We'd like to consider today the apex of the Summer Throwdown promotion. GameTap has always featured an incredible selection of fighting games (especially in the last month or so), and yet two very specific, very missing titles kept the service from feeling whole. Today, GameTap is whole. It has found its smile.

  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Arcade) - Arguably the greatest fighting game ever conceived, Super Turbo is the craft of 2D fighting defined. Even after more than a decades worth of competitive play, ST still enjoys a worldwide following and for one very good reason: it's the best ... the best around.
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade) - Also known as "the good one" in the series, Alpha 2 shuns its awkward siblings with its extremely solid mechanics and well balanced cast. It also gave us the incredible drama of the B3 finals back in 1996.
  • Bloodrayne 2 (PC) - This is the one with pole dance fighting.
  • Total Overdose (PC) - Not the greatest shooter around, but fairly underrated in its own right. The best way to describe it is Max Payne meets Tony Hawk ... only in Mexico.
The Free Play section has been slightly updated to accommodate The King of Fighters 98 and the ever so adorable Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix. Damn it feels good to be a fighting fan.

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