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Sony Ericsson K850 gets reviewed

Brian White

The decked-out Sony Ericsson K850 has been thoroughly sifted through the review grinder by our pals over at The K850 is so packed that there were two parts to the review, and this one focuses on then phone itself (instead of the exhaustive digital camera functions). Positives seen by Eldar and the crew include an easy-to-use and touch-sensitive 'blocky' keypad with a unique d-pad design (that green rectangle), GPRS / EDGE / UMTS, excellent (and cutting-edge) Java support, obligatory A2DP Bluetooth, that sweet 5 megapixel cam and an overall ergonomic delight to use. This thing is loaded to the hilt, to say the least. Use the read link to glean more deets available in the exhaustive review.

[via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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