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America's Army set to storm arcades


If you were thrilled by the patriotism of America's Army (the game, not the overworked fighting force) in your home, but felt like it was lacking the stale Chick-fil-A scented, teen mobbed vibe of your local mall arcade, Global VR and the U.S. Army are going to sort you out with a fresh new coin-op edition. For just $.50 a go, you (and a buddy) can take control of an American soldier, experiencing the honest-to-goodness hands on combat training they receive, all in the safety of an Unreal-engine-based simulation. You'll learn valuable military skills like rules of engagement, marksmanship, and target identification -- and you'll definitely blow up and shoot a lot of stuff. Expect to see the box hitting malls sometime later this year.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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