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    Logitech's Wave keyboard gets reviewed


    ExtremeTech, known for getting down to the nitty gritty, has just given the Logitech Wave a thorough review -- and they kind of like what they see. The comfort-minded keyboard with the cheapo price point might be what you need, but only if your requirements for "ergonomics" aren't too serious. The Wave's keys are arranged in a U-shape design, and the heights of individual letters are higher or lower in an attempt to match hand placement (taller for shorter fingers and vice versa), but that's about it. So while the Vista-approved input device gets decent marks from ET on feel ("soft and cushy" "high-end"), they say the actual comfort factor isn't all that noticeable. Logitech also offers a Desktop bundle which includes the LX8, an ambidextrous mouse that ExtremeTech says is good in most respects, but can't match the feel of a right- or left-hand specific mouse. If you really need to be sure, hit the read link for the full rundown.

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