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3200 MS points for $20 at Circuit City [Update]


Today's Circuit City flyer shows that you'll save $20 on the purchase of two Xbox Live accessories $19.99 and up. This means that if you purchase two Xbox Live 1600 MS point cards at their $19.99 price, you'll get one of those for free. So, that's 3200 MS points for $20 -- we'll take it! We also called two separate Circuit Citys to confirm that the deal was accurate.

(The rest of this post has been dismissed as the blogger left the computer and jetted to the car)

Update: People are running into the problem that the cards are sold out at Circuit City stores. Try asking for a rain check or asking if you can special order them at the current deal. You can also try bringing the ad, which you should be able to find in your local newspaper or at Circuit City, to another store (preferably a competitor like Best Buy) for a price match.

Update 2: A store in Livingston, New Jersey put up a sign (found after the break) saying the deal was only valid with the purchase of an Xbox 360 Elite. We contacted the store twice and were hung up on twice while trying to clarify. We then contacted three other stores who said the deal was still legit and even politely informed us when they were expecting their next shipment because of today's run. So either there was a change in policy from Circuit City corporate or else the store is running one sweet scam.

[Thanks Joel and David]

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