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Halo 3 gets its first 'real' Spartans with Brute


The Brutes could actually be Halo 3's true "Spartans" as a recent preview article reveals they take comrades as lovers -- if the audio clip stays in the game. The information comes from a standard preview article where the writer goes into a bunch of audio facts and says, "One Bungie employee slyly asks the visiting reporters if anyone heard a Brute lament the death of an ally with the words: 'He was my lover.'" Apparently Brutes can actually answer the question if their comrade is a better lover than a fighter.

Now before the comment threads fill with: "Brutes R teh ghey? I'm not playing this game." Let's just take a moment to go over Halo lore. We checked with our own resident Halo aficionados and even a close Bungie source. Currently in the fiction there is no mention of any female characters in the whole Covenant, so we have no idea how the Covenant reproduce or if they even need females to reproduce. All we do know at this point is that even Brutes need love. Bungie still has bigger controversy to deal with as they still haven't decided if gamers can have a female Spartan warrior voice in multiplayer. We'll find out if Bungie leaves the Brute line in there on Sept. 25 -- hopefully they do.

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