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Wing Commander Arena tourney goes down tonight [update 1]

Dustin Burg

Tonight, at 11:00PM eastern, a bunch of Xbox community websites (including X3F) will be going head to head in the Wing Commander Tournament that we mentioned last week. If you don't recall, I'll be representing team X3F in a tourney against fifteen other blogs for a chance to win all kinds of prizes for you, our readers. Though, after practicing and doing semi-okay in ranked WCA multiplayer matches, I must say that this game is a tad difficult for me to wrap my FPS skills around. But, I'll do my best and hope you guys don't whip me with licorice when I come in 14th place ... I'm kidding, or so I hope I am. Hopefully I can place in the top five and win you guys some amazing prizes. Again, the tournament kicks off tonight so wish me luck!

Also, Godfree sent word that Gamertag Radio (one of the tournament competitors) will be hosting a live streaming feed of the tournament. So, if you're interested, give the WCA tourney a watch and pray I don't get pwned.

Update 1: WCA Tournament is now over, but the good news is that I won X3F the grand prize! Check out updates after the break.

11:05PM: The WCA tournament just started ... let the games begin!

11:30PM: Just finished the first two preliminary rounds and I came away the victor in both! W00t! So, now we're headed into the final eight. If I place in the top four, then we'll win some prizes to give away. Back to gaming ...

11:45PM: Here we go, the top eight round is about to begin.

11:52PM: Got first place on first game of second round! w00t!

12:02AM: Finished second on second game of second round (that's a lot of seconds). You know what that means!

12:05AM: We taking a ten minute break and you'll be happy to know that I advanced to the final four! We're for sure getting an Elite to give away ... sweetness!

12:15AM: Hmm, waiting for an invite into the final four match. I've got my Diet Dew in hand and am ready for blood.

12:30AM: Still ... waiting ... getting ... tired.

12:33AM: OH NO! Something got screwed up where a player who was supposed to be in the second round didn't get in. So ... we have to start over from the second game of the second round. I guess we don't have prizes yet guys :(

12:44AM: Okay, got second on second game again. So, moving onto final four (again). And now we got prizes, officially!

12:53AM: Got second place in final four! Headed into final two for grand prize. I'm smiling now.

12:59AM: Starting final round ... NOW!


1:17AM: Stay tuned fellow X3F readers, because we're giving away thousands of dollars worth of goods.

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