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Laser printer particles as dangerous as cigarette smoke?

Darren Murph

In today's edition of How Your Office is Slowly Killing You, a study emerging from Queensland University of Technology suggests that laser printers can emit clouds of ultra-fine particles that compare to "cigarette smoke and motor vehicle emissions." Reportedly, 13 out of 40 models tested were deemed "high emitters" of particles from the toner, and while office photocopiers failed to produce similar results, concentrations of microscopic particles near laser printers were found to be "five times higher than outdoor levels often produced by traffic" in a given investigation. Currently, no efforts have been made to actually study the chemistry of the emissions, but considering that such fine objects could easily sink "to the very lowest reaches of the lungs," we'd say that's reason enough to request an airtight office a few floors underground.

[Image courtesy of Gripguard]

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