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HMV's Xbox 360 MGS 4 listing was a mistake

Dustin Burg

Oops, it sounds like UK retailer HMV made a mistake and caused quite the fanboy frenzy this weekend. Yesterday, HMV started taking pre-orders for a yet to be announced (or even confirmed) Xbox 360 version of MGS 4, which in turn caused a lot of fanboy arguing and excitement that a retailer was actually acknowledging the game's existence on the 360. But fanboys, it was all a mistake. This morning caught up with the UK retailer to talk about the MGS 4 listing when HMV admitted that the pre-order page was created in error saying that,

"In his enthusiasm, one of our online games team indicated that would start taking pre-orders for MGS4 on Xbox 360, when, in fact, he simply meant to ask customers if they wished to receive an alert in the event of this title one day coming out on this platform."

So, there you have it. It was a simple admin mistake and now we know that the retailer didn't have any insider's information. We guess it's time to restart our countdown clock and wait patiently until the next "MGS 4 is so headed to the 360" rumor surfaces. We'll give it another two days.

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