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Governator says California game law will be back


Following yesterday's belief that the California game law had been terminated, comes word that Gov. Schwarzenegger isn't done protecting the bill's targeted youth. GamePolitics reports the governor's office sent out a press release that he will appeal the judge's ruling from yesterday which placed a permanent injunction on the bill. Schwarzenegger says, "I will vigorously defend this law and appeal it to the next level."

If this thing is going to make a second pass, it might be time to take a quick refresher course on AB 1179. The bill would put another layer of California red tape on top of the ESRB's rating system. Any game deemed "violent" would have a big ol' 18 sticker on it and retailers would be fined $1000 for selling it to minors. Although this does sound perfectly reasonable, it essentially deems certain games on the level of porn and just irks First Amendment advocates. Also, let's not even open up the Pandora's box of irony that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the figurehead on this -- how many of you saw T2 for the first time underage in the theater?

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