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iLife '08

Today, Steve Jobs announced iLife '08. The newly refreshed software, which includes iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb, iDVD and GarageBand, was described by Jobs as totally new, and the "biggest jump since we introduced it". It will sell for $79.

iPhoto '08 iPhoto '08 adds a new way of thinking about your photo libraries by organizing them into events--birthday parties, family reunions, graduations, and so forth. Instead of sorting through thousands of photos and rolls, you collect each group of photos into specific events. iPhoto '08 also adds "hide photos" feature allows you to pick which photos you want to feature and hide the rest. iPhoto '08 also supports web galleries, for sharing images with friends, family and colleagues. It's still unclear whether this feature is dotMac only or can be used for other web servers. You can also send photos to your web gallery from your iPhone.

iMovie '08. iMovie gets a new icon in this release to show it's a completely new application. Unlike previous version of iMovie, all your video now goes into a common iPhoto-like library, so you can access all your video archives, not just what you import into your project. You can also now send video to YouTube. iMovie encodes and uploads it for you. Video export now supports an iPhone resolution.

iWeb '08. iWeb now supports live web widgets including one for Google Maps. You can also use personal domains with dotMac and you can change themes for installed sites. iWeb '08 contains a number of new themes. iWeb also supports Google AdSense.

iDVD '08. iDVD '08 introduces pro encoding and new themes.

Garage Band '08. A new feature, called "Magic Garage Band" allows you to create genred tracks, like reggae, latin, rock and jazz.

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