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PackRat 40% off at MacUpdate Promo today only

David Chartier

My favorite offline synching client for Backpack, the web-based personal information manager, is 40% off today at MacUpdate Promo. Whether you toss a few snippets of your daily information into Backpack or you're a heavy user with 20+ pages for all your projects, PackRat is a killer desktop client that allows you to work with your Backpack information while offline, then synchronize it all once you get back on. PackRat even offers a number of features that Backpack doesn't, such as deleting all completed items at once, a visual calendar when creating reminders and AppleScript / Automator support and more.

I have to admit, while I was happy to buy a license at $24.95, I've always thought PackRat's price would hit home with a lot more customers at $15. If you agree, today's your chance - the MacUpdate Promo 40% off sale for PackRat places it right at $14.95, making it an even better deal for Backpack users.

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