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Sony pulls two more PS1 titles from the PlayStation Store

Colin Torretta

Sony has pulled two more PS1 titles from the PlayStation Store due to 'technical problems'. This is after last week, when they pulled Medievil due to a game stopping bug. This time around, we lose Crash Bandicoot 2 and Spyro 2 (which was on shaky ground already due to an audio bug).

No time frame was given for when the titles will get re-released. According to Sony, they're looking into what caused the bugs but, "This investigation is highly technical and requires some time to work through."

People who have purchased these titles will be contacted by Sony in the next 10 days about what the plan is. People who have already downloaded the titles won't have to pay for them again, but there's no knowledge if customers will be able to just get a rebate if they don't want to wait for a 'fixed' version to come out.

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