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Will the Mini live or die?


I got a suprising number of "hurrahs" yesterday when I mentioned how afraid I was that the Mini might get killed before I was able to buy one with Leopard pre-installed on it. Rumors about today's Apple event (which we'll be metaliveblogging, so stay tuned) are everywhere, and one that I've heard pretty often is that the Mini's last days are upon us.

Personally, that's really disappointing-- even if the Mini isn't quite the performer or the bastion of beauty that the iMac or the Mac Book Pro is, there's always room for the little computer that could (could convert the Windows faithful, I mean). So that's why I'm so happy to hear that Macenstein says the Mini won't be killed today-- instead, he's heard it'll get a nice upgrade: "The mini will sport a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, a 100GB hard drive, SuperDrive, and cost $699." He also suggests it'll get a design refresh, which I'm totally fine with. However you want to play it Jobs, just don't kill my Mini!

Is Apple's smallest desktop headed for the junk heap, or is a brand new version headed for the Apple store? We'll find out when the press conference starts in about half an hour from now.

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