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What does 75 PlayStation 3s get you?

Colin Torretta

Why, a huge amount of official Warhawk dedicated servers -- of course! In the most recent post at the official PlayStation.Blog, the game director of Warhawk, Dylan Jobe, posted pictures of their Ranked Servers data center and talked about online/server details for their upcoming Sixaxis-friendly title.

According to Dylan, they have PS3 clusters like the one above scattered all over the world to make sure you you have access to a fast, latency free server -- no matter where you live. Also, since you can host your own servers, even if you don't find an official server you like, it shouldn't be hard to find a player server that fits what you're looking for.

Players can create their own dedicated Warhawk servers for up to 32 players at once, but they won't be able to play on their PS3 while the server is running (to longtime PC gamers, this is nothing new). Players can also create their own servers that they can play in for up to 24 players at once, offering a ton of flexibility for clans and hardcore players. Between ecstatic previews, an accessible price point and strong server support, Warhawk is looking more and more like it could be a major hit. Only three more weeks until the Game Drought of Summer is over!

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