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Blue Notes: Windfury and voice chat

Eliah Hecht

Shaman's Windfury Totem is being hotfix-nerfed:

Windfury Totem will no longer trigger for any "yellow" attacks unless they are on next swing attacks, such as Heroic Strike and Cleave

That is fairly significant, I think. And those of us who are anxious to test out voice chat (coming in patch 2.2) will be able to do so after a new PTR build being pushed tomorrow morning:

We will be activating Voice chat on the PTR with the new build tomorrow morning August 10th.

Voice chat is currently available only for parties, raids and custom channels; there is no cross-server battleground voice chat at this time.

Hortus goes on to note that it won't work for PPC Macs for the time being, but a forthcoming build will fix that soon. It's probably a good thing that VC isn't going to be active for General chat and the like; I could see that getting annoying fast. It would be nice if it worked for guild chat though.

[via World of Raids]

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