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The X3F Halo 3 Game Fuel taste test


Just this morning, a promotional case of Halo 3 Mountain Dew Game Fuel arrived at Fanboy Towers. The box stood alone on the front step, the delivery man out of sight. We can only assume he was eaten by the X3F guard bear, Toby. Such has become the fate of many delivery men (and yet not one mailman; those guys are metal). We cracked open the case to find two cans of the stuff nestled inside. Though our desire to sample it was ferocious, we wouldn't dream of our first taste being warm. Oh no, it had to be cold, so cold it might have been frozen by the Devil's wings in the 9th circle of Hell itself. So, we put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Finally, the moment of truth arrived. We cracked it open and ... it was sweet. Damned sweet. Drinking Halo 3 Game Fuel is, to put it simply, like drinking a Pixy Stick. Whether that is good or bad is completely up to interpretation.

The soda has more caffeine than regular Mountain Dew, and we definitely feel edgier than we did before drinking the soda. We're not quite sure that's the sort of "edge" it's supposed to give us, but we digress. Should you desire some Halo 3 flavored Mountain Dew, it should start hitting stores next week, though we've received reports that it's already available in some areas. If you manage to wrangle some for yourself, feel free to share your opinion here.


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