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Castlevania Chronicles coming to PSN? ESRB says "probably"

Jem Alexander

The ESRB is listing Castlevania Chronicles for both the PS3 and PSP on its site today. Which can only mean one thing. A PS1 game listed for both the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 means we should be seeing it coming to the PlayStation Network before too long. "Before too long" meaning before the end of the console's lifecycle. So expect the game to appear sometime within the next nine years.

All PSN bitterness aside, it's nice to see that PS1 games are being delivered on the Store. Despite any European hiccups. Interesting that the only non-first party titles to be released so far are Castlevania games, though. We're not complaining. Just a little confused. If Konami are so keen on releasing games on the PSN, will we be seeing Metal Gear Solid at some point? Just in time for Metal Gear Solid 4, perhaps?

[Via Joystiq]

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