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Sega reveals The Incredible Hulk development teams

Sega sent us a note, letting us know that the publisher is again working on a Marvel franchise, this time it's the video game for next year's The Incredible Hulk. They've announced that developer Edge of Reality – who are also working on the new-gen Cipher Complex due for PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year – are handling console development duties while Amaze Entertainment – known for recent licensed games like Eragon and Pirates of the Carribean – will be handling handheld duties.

The announcement answers what Edge of Reality's mystery project was and, considering Sega's Iron Man game isn't looking too shabby and Hulk has had some video game success previously, we're more hopeful than we might otherwise be. According to a Sega representative, the game "will be released in the same timeframe as the film," due to smash theaters on June 13, 2008.

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