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Rockstar Leeds refocusing on the next-gen


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Will there ever be a San Andreas Story? It seems increasingly less likely. Rockstar Leeds, the talented team behind the first two PSP GTA games and the PSP port of The Warriors is looking to do its own thing, and work on original IPs for the "next gen." Studio head Gordon Hall explained to Develop, "We're going to be branching out further into next-gen - we've done original work on an existing franchise, but now we want to work on new IPs, and are looking at what we can do on Xbox 360 and PS3."

However, Leeds isn't done quite yet with the portables. "It's not over for handheld for us - there's more coming there - but our new focus will be on the new formats." Hopefully, we'll see one more incredible project out of Rockstar Leeds for the PSP before they move on to greener (and more powerful) pastures.

[Via Joystiq]

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