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Mirror-based video conferencing developed for iPhone


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It's pretty obvious that Apple didn't design the iPhone with video conferencing in mind -- what with the camera on the back and all -- but that doesn't seem to have dissuaded the folks from Ecamm Network, who recently whipped up a workaround with the help of some mirrors and some coding skills. Although it's yet to be independently verified, the contraption (done for the C-4 developers conference "Iron Coder Live" contest) is apparently based on a slightly modified Huckleberry MacBook "periscope," and employs some hastily coded software to properly orient the image and rely the video from one iPhone to another (with a web server lending a hand in that process). Unfortunately, you can't yet make a fool of yourself in public unless you have some comparable coding skills of your own, although we're guessing that won't be the case for long.

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